Outside the Shack

Based on a true story.

You lurch forward over the limbs of dead rotting trees, pained breath escaping your lungs with each successive step taken deeper into the mists of the forest, a forest which seems to go on and on like this seemingly endless sentence. Blood trickles down your skin like a red liquid running down skin, a remnant from a wound you do not remember getting although it may have been from when you were stabbed a few minutes earlier by that hooded maniac who was now in pursuit.

Suddenly, like a beacon of hope in a hopeless beacon-less world, a shack appears in front of you. A warm shack. An inviting shack. Surely it couldn't be the Death Shack™ you read about in the newspaper?

Outside the Shack
You stand in front of a mysterious shack which is nestled like a baby in the branches of a massive gnarled oak. A few windows adorn its front but a layer of black paint coated on them prevents you from seeing inside. There's also a door, which are devices typically used to enter/exit structures like this.  

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