Front Foyer
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Albridge Manor

Version 3.90
An interactive haunted house.

This game was written by Woody Ross (Feb-July 2002).

Please be sure to read the text file included in the Albridge Manor zip.

You and your two good friends Angie and Theo were on your way to a party. A friend of Theo's was holding the bash at his family's farmhouse, and Theo assured you he knew the directions. After driving for hours in the country, it started to get dark, yet Theo insisted you press on, saying you were getting close to the farm. A false turn later, and your car was firmly trapped in a muddy ditch. The three of you tried to free the car to no avail.

After some discussion about Theo's ineptitude, a light was seen in the distance. A house! Theo agreed to walk to the house to phone for help, after it was discovered that he could not get a signal on his cellphone.

That was over an hour ago. The house couldn't be more than half-a-mile away, so there was no reason for Theo to have taken this long. You said you would go look for him, and Angie said she was coming with you, not wanting to stay at the car by herself. It was pitch dark, but the light in the house was still on, and you found your way to the front gate.

The place was huge. An old estate really. A sign built into the iron-wrought gate read Albridge Manor. The gate was in ill repair, but was ajar enough for the two of you to squeeze through. You could see that the light was from an upper floor window, perhaps an attic. It flickered slightly. You approached the front door and knocked. There was no answer. Again you knocked, but no one came to the door. Frustrated you began to move around the side of the manor when the front door slowly swung open. You and Angie stepped inside.

You were standing in a foyer. Old-style lighting suddenly flared to life, casting a dim light into the room. The door swung shut behind you with a roar! Angie tried to open it, but it would not budge! You were trapped.

You could see Theo's cellphone lying in the middle of the floor, but there was no other sign of your friend. Angie was shaking. You decided to look for Theo, but Angie didn't want to go anywhere in this house. She said she'd stay by the front door until you got back.

Front Foyer
This is the front foyer of the manor. Two curved staircases curl upwards to a balcony above, overlooking the foyer. Old paintings hang along the walls here, and large windows with thick, dirty glass afford a distorted view of the grounds outside. Two old chairs and an end table flank a short hallway that leads north from the room.  You can also see  Theo's cellphone.  Angie is here.  

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