Prologue as Torrin, son of Bradda

... CURSED ...
Interactive Fiction by Nick Rogers
Version 2.01.10
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...Eleven years ago...

   It's been several months since my father went away to join the war. I promised I would look after our cottage, and that I really was old enough. I've done my best to keep our cottage tidy, but the winter has been hard and I might have used more wood than I should have, trying to stay warm. Our supplies are low.

The place you call home with your father is a modest, mud-brick building with a thatched roof. There are two windows, one either side of the front door, that are framed with the lace curtains. The front door is currently standing open.
   The cottage stands at the top of a narrow, wooded valley. A rough track leads south, away from your cottage, through the trees.
   Nearby is a large pile of wood that needs to be chopped.  
   An axe lies at your feet.  

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