Outside an alley
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Veteran Knowledge

WARNING: This game contains criminal and violent acts.

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Wrestlers are worshipped in the small town of Wrestleville. This adulation simultaneously increases with the level of success. All the former World champions of the local Wrestleville Wrestling promotion are remembered fondly. However, the ex-wrestlers who never quite make it are quickly forgotten. An ex-wrestler, who wastes all their money, has no friends left to rely on. They have no skills that are useful outside the ring. They have nothing.

You have learnt this lesson the hard way. You thought your success would last forever, but you never even managed to reach the peak of wrestling. All your World title efforts were thwarted by the Star, who was the most famous wrestler in the history of Wrestleville. As you changed your moniker from the Kid to the Veteran, something twisted inside you. The fans turned against your new aggressive side and you burned all your bridges with the community. It still was not enough and when you lost a retirement match to the Star, you left the sport forever.

The years afterwards are hazy through the drinking that consumed your life savings. Now you have no money, no home and no hope.

Outside an alley
The alley to the west has been your home in recent months after you were thrown out of your house. Every day you sit outside and beg for money or food, but even more importantly for any alcohol. Main Street continues to the north and south, with the park across the road to the east.  

Collapse Right Pane