Southwest Corner (Standing on your bed)
The game is still winnable
    You awaken to a harmony of hooting, grunting, and wheezing, played against a background of muffled laughter and chitter-chatter in a language sounding closest to, as far as you can tell, Latin.  These not being the sounds your ears are normally greeted with in the morning, you let your eyelids peel open with discover that this ceiling is not your ceiling, this room not your room.  The bed, however, is your bed.  Yawning, you sit up on it and gather in your surroundings.  Then you begin to wish you could ungather them and go about the whole business a different way.

    It's dark all around, but not dark enough.  Encompassing all sides of you a vast assembly of alien faces is looking in your direction.  Literal alien faces, mind you.  Green heads, horns on head, goggly red eyes in triplets, and every other cliche that goes with the breed.  They are talking, snickering, shouting, eating live vermin, slapping each other on the back with slimy tentacles, and generally having themselves a grand time.  It's a gigantic ampitheatre from another world seating an inumerable host of grotesque lifeforms originating from a galaxy you're sure no earthly telescope has ever aspired to pick up!  And all agglomerated together to

    No, not just you.  And then you become aware of your immediate surroundings, and of why it smells rather like a safari in here.  Your bed is on one corner of a square dirt surface that marks the floor of a large enclosure.  Without walls.  No, there must be walls and you just can't see them.  Because you just hit the back of your arm against one en route to feeling for your pillow (which is actually an old smelly jersey you stopped wearing many years ago).  In a situation like this, one can really use a pillow to bury the face in.

    But wait, I'm not done!  You need to know the reason why you cannot afford to go back to sleep, no matter how sweet the slumber would be.  I'll get to the point.  Two others share this space with you, a small monkey and a big monkey.  The small one does not look like he especially wants to clobber your face in to the point where an onlooker from behind can start to make out clear impressions of your eyes, nose, cheeks, and so forth on the back of your skull.  The big one *does*.  Also, several structures and contraptions fill the periphery, begging your attention and scrutiny.  The whole affair reeks of a puzzle.

Three Monkeys One Cage  Tenth Beta Release
by Robert Goodwin
copyright © 2003
*Important note* This game requires ADRIFT v4.042 or higher in order to play correctly!
For instructions type HELP.

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