Some Place
Health: 9

by Richard Otter

Written in just under 3 hours for the Ectocomp 2011 competition

NOTE: The game does not work properly with the ADRIFT V5 runner, please use ADRIFT V4 R51.


You seem to have very little on your mind these days. It is not that you have nothing to worry about, you probably have.  But, you just do not care.  Not only that, you no longer care that you do not care.

Instead your worldly worries have been replaced with simpler ideas.  You must feed, you must rest, you must escape. Yes, you must escape. Nothing else matters at the moment.

Some Place <1 reception>
A semi-circular desk sits just to one side of the place. To the north and east are holes in the wall. Nothing seems familiar and you recognise very little; apart from a plastic seat which seems to have some interest. You entered this place through a hole to the south. A trail of blood leads north.  

Collapse Right Pane