Edith's Cats

2020. October the 31th, you are released from psychiatry, where you were put in for political reasons.


You're a former junky, unemployed game developer, chronic alcoholic, wannabe programmer, schizophrenic blogger. The only schizophrenic blogger in the country. The country is not important, although it lies in the middle of Europe. Although it is member of the European Union, it has its own rules.

The form of state is Viktor's Update, which is a special way of the dictatorship. The governing political party is named Young Democrat's Alliance, all of them are older than you. And have never been democrats. If the party's name is a joke, then it's a very good one. You will be 42 at this Halloween. You don't understand, how you can survive 42 summers, among these circumstances. After 40 years communism, came Viktor's Update, which means, he feeds their friends and relatives, and the rest of the country is starving. There isn't political police yet, but the political psychiatry performs better than ever.

You are about to left the rehab part of the psychiatry, where you were put in, because you caught on smoking in a bus stop. Your girlfriend, Edith is waiting for you at the exit. You should greet her in a way that fit in the situation.    

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