Your House

Your House
You creep from your bed to the parlor of your family's country house. The woods beyond Merch are full of all imaginable terrors, and many that you cannot imagine. You have packed a few simple things in preparation for this foolish adventure.

What do you bring with you into the woods? You can select five things from the list below

An Axe
A Knife
A Rusty Sword
A Bow
A Musket
A Quiver of Five Arrows
A Horn with Five Charges of Powder
A Box with Twelve Matches
A Candle
A Box of Crackers
A Pound of Smoked Meat
A Can of Coffee
A Can of Coco
A Jar of Water
A Pair of Shears
A Box of Fishing Gear
An Adderstone
A Magical Juju
A Book of Horror Stories
A Book of Ancient Lore
A Book of Folk Tales

You have five items left to take.  

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